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Boutique Consulting Firm For Businesses, Entrepreneurs And Creatives

Julie Lokun, JD is making an impact on the bottom line for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Julie's intuitive strategy creates a brand and buzz that is unforgettable. Learn how to get press, connect with media and build your brand recognition on a bigger scale.


As a speaker, a creative, an entrepreneur, or an author branding is the core of your messaging. Powerful messaging will engage your audience and If you are looking to uplevel your business and build an impactful brand, it starts with strategic planning.  Julie's business acumen and strategic approach to business development are unsurpassed.

Julie Lokun and her team are mission-driven professionals who understand the power of clarity, strategy, and visibility for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Our team is widely recognized as brand pioneers that take your business to the next level

If you are struggling with growth, management, strategy, media relations, and marketing it is critical to have an objective and experienced team to build and support your business.

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Julie Lokun Public Relations and Business Consulting
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Julie Lokun Business Consultant and Public Relations Expert

a dynamic coaching experience curated to surpass targets, and create a strategic growth plan

 business street cred

Julie Lokun has a proven track record in business performance coaching and business consulting. Julie's extensive background and education (master's certification in life coaching and a Juris Doctorate) provide the support you need to start, scale and achieve peak performance. Julie has an unparalleled track record in media relations and visibility. 


She is an acclaimed author, of Hustle Smart, which gives entrepreneurs privileged access to the key building blocks that create a successful business. This mission of this book is to help entrepreneurs build a business that utilizes the four pillars all successful businesses use by optimizing:







Julie is the podcast host of OBSESSED (ranked in the top 1.0% globally and hitting the charts on Apple Podcasts at #5) and The MEDIACASTERS, (ranked in the top 5% globally). Julie's passion for elevating voices of impact is a strategic vehicle to increase business growth and visibility.  Launching a podcast, whether B2B podcasting, internal corporate podcasting, or podcasting for creatives and entrepreneurs is a vital marketing tool.  

The power of podcasting and guesting on podcasts is a proven public relations strategy and a valuable asset in building strategic partnerships. The power of guesting on targeted podcasts aligned with your business mission positions your brand to be visible to audiences globally. Get pitched on stages worldwide. 


Julie must have a magic crystal ball hidden under her desk. She has the intuition and compassion that offered me the support I needed for each and every endeavor. Most importantly, she has the work ethic to make each and every client feel as if they are her only client. I strongly suggest her services and will recommend her to everyone I know!

Rod Desch, Pittsburgh, PA

Julie Lokun Resume Writing



Mixed Media Design

Strategic Media, PR and Content Creation

When it comes to new businesses & entrepreneurs, PR is great because it builds buzz organically and spreads awareness through unbiased, credible journalists and news outlets. Consumers don’t know your brand yet so you need to create trust and allow them to read honest consumer depictions of your brand.

Building a connection with your potential clients and audience is the secret sauce to creating a well-rounded online presence. We assist and direct media campaigns and promote through powerful brand-identity pitches and press releases.

Powerful messaging coupled with strategic media planning will get you on stages, provide unparalleled exposure and expand your reach. 

Tulips in Bag

Business Brand Building

Become a thought leader in your industry. Position yourself as an expert by sharing your knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and expertise. Being a thought leader gives yourself and your brand credibility, essentially making people want to listen. Media outlets are always looking for expert sources in anything and everything…doctors, lawyers, philanthropic advocates, and beyond…so be one! These thought leaders have trusted sources who provide knowledge, tips, and strategies and over time, create a following. Thought leaders inspire people and ultimately lead to exposure.

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Boutique Business Consulting and Executive Coaching

Our white glove business consulting firm takes a curated approach to building a thriving business.  From content creation, brand development, rebranding and internal support and development the services offered are highly individualized and strategic.

We optimize brand visibility, offers services to raise the overall awareness of a brand, product or image of a company or person among their target audience. We determine a strategy that will best publicize the brand/product to deliver the essential key messages, and ultimately meet our clients' goals and objectives.

Be the reason for the conversation

The Real Blog

Elevate YourVoice

Julie Speaks To Entrepreneur Thought Leaders Like Gary Vee (Vaynerchuck) to understand the journey of launching a business.

Join Julie Lokun and Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk) as they discuss the challenges and riches of being an entrepreneur. Gary is a thought leader in the entrepreneur world giving insight into his brand of truth.

Julie sat down with Gary at Vee Con, his iconic conference that gives creative entrepreneurs the tools and confidence to build a brand that matters. 

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