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Create A Buzz


We are a small boutique firm that believes in the power of a public relations buzz. We are result driven and invested in every client we serve. 

We create the buzz that builds your business and brand.  

We get it. We know your brand is your passion. You put your heart and soul into building a brand that is memorable.  With the white noise of a flooded market place, you need to stand out.  And you need a team. 

We develop demand communications programs that level up market visibility, build brand credibility, and establish market differentiation by telling your story through compelling messages that are designed to make the most impact. From go-to-market product launches to events to compelling thought leader campaigns, we can help position your company as a valuable player in the market.

Public Relations Buzz

Leave A Legacy. 

You got this,


Be The Buzz

The White Glove Experience

Small businesses often wear multiple hats to keep the business growing and revenue flowing.  We understand the demands of daily workflow, team management, and exponential growth.

To build your brand you need to be clear on messaging, understand your target demographic, and have a strategic plan to penetrate your desired market. 


We work with you to assess your existing business and marketing assets, discuss the goals you want to achieve, and create a measurable communications strategy that works best for your business and your customers.


With impeccable accuracy, we will create a targeted campaign that communicates the urgency of your message to an eager audience. We do this through, press releases, media relations, audience engagement, social media, social audio and more!



Create An Unforgettable Brand

Why Public Relations

The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as "a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Public relations is the dance between a company, corporation, brand or business with the media. Public relations curates nuanced interactions between messaging and the media. 

An excellend public relations firm will execute the market research,  fine-tune your branding story and weave the power of your vision into a newsworthy space. 

Public relations creates visibility. Public relations gives you the opportunity to engage with a hungry audience who craves your product or service. 


You or your business are a brand. Period.  In order to define yourself amongst competition, you need a honed strategy.  We reverse engineer your goals and create a blueprint to optimize your brand's story.


Services Include:

Brand Strategy


Media Relations

Content Creation and Development

Influencer Relations

Event Strategy

SEO Optimization

Social Media Strategy and Creation 

Press Releases


Reach Out

Create an unforgettable brand. Be the reason for the conversation. 

Reach out for a complimentary conversation about your brand's potential. 

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Julie Lokun Public Relations
Social Media Photo Profile Instagram Post.png

Julie Lokun, JD

Master of communications and connections, Julie brings to the table branding sagaifaire. Julie has the ability to strategically align branding brilliance with a powerful media presence. 

Julie serves her clients with a white glove experience and creates unforgettable brand recognition


Corinna Bellizzi, MBA

Like diamonds in the sky, your marketing maven, Corinna, shines. Corinna has curated branding glory for multi-multi-million dollar companies by leveraging recession-proof strategies and frictionless sales. 


Kerry Brett

Celebrity Photographer and Branding Expert, Kerry has the lens to make you and your brand outshine the competition. 

Kerry's pedigree spans over a decade and is recognized as the best eye for brands and businesses.


Julie Riga, MBA

With the meticulous eye of an eagle, TEDx speaker, Julie Riga, gives clients the tools to deliver their story and brand with profound execution. Trained at the TEDx headquarters, Julie coaches' clients from key messaging, storytelling and performance to dominate stages.

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