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7 Podcasting Events in 2022 and Why You Should Not Do It Alone

Mark your calendars because 2022 is robust with events for you to join. Check out some of my favorites.

I am obsessed with podcasting.

This is the truth. I have 2 podcasts (Obsessed & Femcasters) and I have found podcasting to be a true outlet for my voice and creativity. If you have ever considered starting a podcast-do it today. (Check out my earlier blog on why you need to start one today).

Why attend a podcasting event?

Whether live or virtual attending a podcasting event gives you the opportunity to build a community, learn the latest tools and tricks, and create relationships beyond the microphone.

Many of these events give you the opportunity to pitch yourself as a speaker. As the brand of your podcast, it is important to understand that visibility is a key factor in broadening your audience and strengthening your brand.

DON'T DO IT ALONE: The power of building a community.

Here are my top reasons for not doing this thing called life alone-

  1. Collective Wisdom- There is collective wisdom in surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. This does not mean a homogeneous community of same-minded thinkers. It simply means that the group has a similar set of core values as you do.

  2. Pushing Our Limits- A powerful community pushes us to think differently and do more. A genuine group of authentic humans gently nudge us to reframe ideas that we have long held.

  3. Support And Belief- The side-effect of participating in the empowering space of a community is that you create a tribe that understands your story. When your path gets rocky you have cheerleaders reminding you of your strength.

  4. Borrowed Motivation-The energy that poured out during each meeting, conference, or event provides me with an electrifying feeling that motivates me to do better each day.

  5. New Ideas- Isolation, especially during the pandemic, often leads to a narrow way of thinking. The exchange of ideas allows for a fresh perspective that elevates our thoughts and actions.

Doing life (or podcasting) alone deprives you of the rich tapestry of lessons fellow humans have to offer. Doing life alone keeps you stuck in the monologue of your current situation. The power of having the strength of your community behind you allows you the access to believe bigger and do better.

After all, isn't life better together?- You Got This-- Jules

Click on the pictures below and check out my podcasts!

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