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Pretty Tired?

Fighting unrelenting exhaustion in a world that never relents.

Even the most dedicated of "live- your- best- life gurus" are not immune to that overwhelming feeling of pure exhaustion. This exhaustion is amplified with the looming greyness of winter skies. Grey, dank streaks of sunless days zap our already markedly low energy levels. I write this blog with every intention of infusing a little knowledge and useful tips into your everyday....but today- I share with you my story of being spread to thin.

It was quite apparent today, that of all days, my energy level was barely existent. I tousled all night fighting a migraine that rattled my neck and slowly creeped up behind my eyes. My migraines, are a sign of environmental changes, hormone fluctuations and, I imagine self-imposed stress. Needless, to say, my quality of sleep suffered. And thus, my patience, creativity and overall lens on life suffers.

So today, as I arose, I arose with the agility of a senior citizen. This is not going to be good--I tell myself. Typically each day I wake up and step into my morning with a very personalized ritual. I get out of bed, before everyone in the house is awake. I relish in the silence (possibly the only time of day that is quiet). I use this sacred space to start my day with gratitude. I mentally create a vision for me day. This is done over a cup of hot coffee or tea and then I jump into my workout.


  • A morning routine helps you to feel more grounded and embodied. It helps you to slow down and tune into your intuition.

  • Enables you to batch your energy sources and self-care in a defined amount of time.

  • Makes you less reactive and more intentional as you start your work day.

  • Helps you feel more productive without feeling fragmented.Promotes more space and pause to make choices that nourish you

  • It syncs with your natural rhythms and those of nature.

  • It optimizes your decision making power for creative and productive work.

So all good days point to starting your first minutes with gratitude, internal direction, a good stretch and honoring your strength. However, today was not the morning I envisioned. Hobbling through my house, blurry eyed and directionless, I could not access the energy to even walk thru the steps of my daily morning routine. However, I was immediately reminded of the energy that I needed to muster today when my son awoke with a brash smile giggled--"Mom today is going to be a great day--my birthday sleepover!".

HOLY FRICKIN MOLY. Today is the day my husband and I bravely invited 10 TEN YEAR OLD BOYS for a sleep over. This event was the brainchild of yours truly. A week ago, I thought it creative genius to have a slough of adorably cute yet decibel smashing boys over for 16 hours of sleepless fun. There is no way this elderly-feeling, slow-poke will be of any use this evening if I feel imprisoned by my own exhaustion.


So in moments of extreme exhaustion how can you access organic energy to optimize your day?

  • Start by reframing your state of exhaustion. Yes, you can feel it in your bones, You want to crawl back into bed. You want to shut the world away--but literally cannot. The demands on your life are knocking at the door. By systematically unpacking and prioritizing what is most important in this moment you gain clarity and eliminate overwhelm. Seeing your day in front of you in black and white can be a useful roadmap to keep you on point.

  • Stop feeding your exhaustion by thinking about it. Change your environment. Go for a quick walk. Make a call to a bestie. Listen to a podcast. Write a blog.

  • Make thoughtful choices with food. Instead of grabbing the last browning in the pan, chose something packed with powerful nutrients. Eggs, green tea, a smoothie, a get it.

  • Honor your circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle. They respond primarily to light and darkness in an organism's environment. Sleeping at night and being awake during the day is an example of a light-related circadian rhythm. Buy a relatively cheap circadian optic light that can give you a dose of Vitamin D--aptly called the "sunshine vitamin" . See Below for more information--in PRODUCTS I LOVE.

  • Honor your body. Take a power nap to reviatalize you--no more than 20 minutes.

  • Dab a few drops of essential oils on your wrist and temples. I love how peppermint infuses a blast of energy via my olfactory receptors.

  • And take pen to paper and write 3 things you are grateful for--see through the fog of listless anticipation. For me today:

1. The memory of giving birth 11 years ago to a perfectly formed male who consistently amazes me with his colorful outlook he has in life
2. The blast of sunshine that reflects the diamond-like sheen of frozen snow
3. The way my husband tells me I am beautiful even though I am a puffy eyed, matted haired, wearing my pajamas until noon kinda gal today.

So in closing--remember, you have the choice to determine how your day goes. Only you. You are the narrator of this day. And you are never guaranteed a tomorrow. Use the tools you have to make it your best. And honey, get some sleep!


Circadian Optics infuses style with the burst of Vitamin D you need when winter takes over! I have the following one on my desk which is a lifesaver! Good price point makes it even a better deal. @circadianoptics #circadianoptics.

DoTTEra Pepperment Oil:

There is a big disparity in quality of essential oils. DoTTera delivers an unmatched level of purity and strength in their product line. And I just adore good 'ol fashioned Peppermint. It gives me a jolt of electrifying energy packed into just a few droplets. @doterra #doterrapeppermint

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