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Just Do It! Understand Marketing and Brand Growth.

You need to be everywhere. 

Let me qualify this huge statement by saying if you are building your brand as an author, an entrepreneur, a podcaster, or a speaker, your brand must be inked on as many platforms as possible. Your digital footprint is inextricably linked to the almighty power of Google. If Google cannot find you, you do not exist in the digital universe.

Your voice needs to be heard in the rafters of a collective theater that is your audience. Creating content on social media should be just a fraction of your marketing master plan. I implore you to think outside the box and deviate from what everyone else is doing. Think about guesting on podcasts. Consider writing a blog on or starting a newsletter on Substack. Apply to be an executive contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine or Forbes. Build a MeetUp Community. Launch a Patreon page. Write for Optimize your SEOs on your website so you become searchable in Google’s eyes. And don’t forget to start a Google Business Page. Whatever you do, start with small steps and keep focused on your message.

If you take away one thing, remember, do not confine yourself to one platform, where algorithms dictate who sees your content.

As a consumer of content, I want to hear your message, and see and feel your brand in the digital universe. Your content should pull me in with urgency and make me want to sing your jingle.

I want to need you.

First and foremost, as a consumer, I need to understand your story. I must connect with the complex struggles that make you unique and position you as an expert. When you can convey your message in a profound and concise way, the trajectory of your brand has the power to explode. 

Sharon's Story

I had a client, Sharon, who focused primarily on Facebook and Instagram as a means to build her brand. In my opinion, social media is the low-hanging fruit, that allows every Tom, Dick, and Sally to promote themselves for free. Sharon spent hours a week formulating posts to represent her brand messaging. Sharon was met with a brick wall. She walked into my office, with a defeated look. “Jules, I can’t do this anymore. I am creating content, and I get 4 or 5 likes, there is no engagement I certainly am not getting any clients.”

Sharon had been a coach for 5 years, and was failing to capture an audience that hung on her every word. Her content was bland, as she gave simple tips on how to uplevel your personal and professional life. Sharon failed to share her struggles, express the “WHY” behind her brand, and not connect with anyone.  Facebook and Instagram are flooded with self-promoting professionals like herself, which left Sharon in the mire of the scroll. She spent hours creating content that no one was seeing.  I proved my point when I Googled her name, and little popped up on the search.

While disheartened, Sharon was eager to hear my solution. I grabbed a piece of paper and started to scribble out a revised plan to promote everything that is Sharon. I first wanted to know about her ideal client.

We started here to understand marketing and brand growth:

  • Who is your client avatar?

  • How old are they?

  • Do they have children? 

  • Where do they shop? 

  • What is their income? 

  • What do they need more than anyone else?

  • What keeps them up at night? 

  • How can you solve this problem? 

Once you understand the pain points of your ideal client, you must create a methodology to relieve their struggle. For example, if your ideal client or audience struggles with their weight, implement a solid strategy to assist their health journey. If you desire an audience who wants to be entertained by fiction fantasy, give them content that transports them into another dimension. 

Next, I asked Sharon, where would she find these clients. Are you on social media? What magazines do they read? What clubs are they a part of? What do they do for fun?

Once we knew where to find them we needed to take action. Sharon’s ideal clients were women, aged 40-50, who had children leaving the nest. These women lacked purpose and a vision for their lives. We decided as a team, Sharon would join local women’s groups, she would write for Mind Valley Magazine and she would start a Meet Up group, called Second Act. Within a month of implementing a new strategy, Sharon had three new clients and tested the waters on multiple different online platforms. 

When I began this journey of brand building, I felt like a narcissist. I had initial trepidation in pasting my name, and my name, and story all over the internet. The truth is, no one knows you. And frankly, no one cares. No one cares, because they are bombarded with a continual stream of content. So you must stand out. 

If you are decisively reticent to self-promote your brand, everything you strive for is an exercise in futility. But fear not my friend. You are not alone. When I first ventured out into the world of entrepreneurship, I was knee-deep in feeling the grips of imposter syndrome. However, taking small steps every day, and being consistent eases this pain. 

Understand Marketing and Brand Growth with Julie Lokun

My Top Brand-Building Secrets By Increasing Marketing and Brand Growth.

1. When building out your digital footprint, you need to start with a well-crafted website. This website should be chock full of SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers). Sprinkle backlinks all over your website that will send a curious client from one page to another. Backlinks strengthen your searchability on Google. Your website is the foundation of your brand, so be certain it is properly set up. Furthermore, a blog on your website fattens up your searchability. Consider a blog as an integral part of your brand identity. 

Tip:  I like to use the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere to analyze keywords and find out what my “competitors” use. 

2. Create a Google Business. Google loves it when you use their platforms. Google Business is super easy to set up and will let you know you are open for business. Do this too if you are an author, a podcaster or a public speaker. 

3. Ask for testimonials. Testimonials are crucial in the digital world. Testimonials, reviews, and ratings are an essential part of building your credibility. This becomes social proof that you are someone not to ignore.

4. Start creating an email list. Offer your audience value in exchange for their email. This can be done on your website while offering them a valuable eBook or worksheet that will begin them on their journey. The email list is the most intimate way to sell or promote yourself and your brand. Your list is a pocket of potential clients who want to know more about you.

Tip: If you feel you are a weak writer, check out PLR.ME. PLR stands for personal licensing rights (so once you download, you own the rights). PLR.ME provides a large library of usable eBooks, articles, worksheets (and more) that you can brand yourself and share with the world. 

5. Pitch Yourself: Start today. Start pitching your story to podcasters, radio show hosts, journalists, and more. When you are on someone’s podcast, show or featured in a blog, you are positioning yourself in front of someone else’s audience. Create a Media Sheet, which is a comprehensive 1-page sheet that showcases your brand, accomplishments, and story. 

Tip: Create profiles on or These websites match you with podcasters looking for a guest like yourself.  If you are looking to be a reference for journalists, create a profile on HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a clearing house of experts and journalists often refer to this site when they are writing a story and need an expert. 

Building your brand and online presence should feel electric. After all, your brand is an extension of who you are at your core. At times, it does feel overwhelming.  Take the process at a sustainable pace. And always ask for help. After all, we are better together. 

About Julie Lokun: 

Julie Lokun is a 6 X best-selling author and podcast host of two shows, Obsessed and The Mediacasters which rank in the top 1.5% globally. She is known for elevating the voices of impact through her company, The Mediacasters. With her exceptional skills in media and public relations, Julie has built an impressive client roster that spans various industries, from Presidential Appointees and TV personalities to Inc 500 corporate clients. Julie helps individuals and organizations share their stories through publishing, presenting, podcasting, and public relations. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to her client's success have made her a sought-after media expert and changemaker in her field.

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